Atmospheric portrait of two kids sitting in the deep grass of apple orchard at sunset made with black-and-white silver film and medium format camera Yashica Mat G124

Black-White Children Portraits Photography

Fine art black-white portrait of little girl standing in the circle under the tree made with medium format film camera Bronica SQ-Ai
Expressive portrait of a little girl with pigtails and a light dress with her hands on a well with water on a hot summer day taken on black-white film
Black-and-white street portrait of girl sitting behind old bycicle with friends taken on medium format film camera Yashica Mat G124
Documentary portrait of two boys and friend sitting on roof of derelict house on Minsk street
Fine art monochrome portrait of a girl in a denim skirt on a bench in a creeper bushes with an eye hidden behind a tree trunk
Black-and-white portrait photo of cute girl on broken swing with ropes in countryside rancho medium format film
Fine art photo of a modest girl with a hand covering part of the face standing with a bicycle and an old wooden house on the background in the center of Minsk
Black-white film portrait of a boy with a ball under his left hand and a friend sitting on a pile of car tires near school biulding in Mins city, Belarus
Documentary street portrait of a young girl in the city suburbs taken on black-and-white film and medium format camera Yashica Mat 124G
Medium format street portrait of young boy on the country road with old cotton t-shirt and plastic bag on his eyes taken on film
Documentary black-white portrait of young girl with a stick and feather in front of derelict country house in Belarus taken with medium format film camera
Emotional black-white portrait photo of cute girl with old purse near big tree on the street made with Yahica Mat 124G medium format film camera
Authentic street portrait of boy with cap in the yard with ball on grass in background, black and white film photo
Black and white portrait photo of young girl standing before drying old carpet in backyard with a boy hiding behind tree
Direct portrait of a village girl with her ponytale covering half of her face and her right hand hidden behind her back standing near the fence
Documentary street portrait of two kid friends with derelict house taken on black-white film and medium format Yashica Mat 124G camera
Black-white art portrait of a girl in a T-shirt with a button and a child's handbag over her shoulder holding a curved stick in her mouth
Documentary street portrait of three naked boys on countryside road with sled taken on Bronica SQ-Ai medium format camera and blac-and-white film
Exspressive black-white portrait of a child near trees, girl with dark spots on her hand holding green apples, film photo taken on medium format camera Bronica SQ-Ai
Emotional portrait of a laughing girl in the garden with a plastic bag flying out into the wind, covering the whole body
Expressive black-white portrait of little girl with a bar of chocolate in her hands and shy boy in countryside made with medium format film camera Bronica SQ-Ai
Dramatic black-white portrait of boy with dirty face handling toy machine gun in his hands with school building in background, Minsk city, Belarus
Portrait photo of two kids in suburbs of Minsk city - boy with sunflower seeds in his left hand and girl put her hand on the boy's shoulder
Group photo portrait of three children with maple seeds on their noses and a boy in the foreground holding the girl by her left pigtail
Black and white portrait of girl in light dress swirling on rope under an apple tree with fence in the background in the village, taken on film and medium format camera Yashica Mat 124G