How to Choose the Right Black-and-White Print for Your Interior Space?

Choosing the perfect black and white art print for your home or office interior is more than just picking a piece of art – it is about creating a visual statement that reflects your personality, style and aesthetic preferences. In a world that celebrates self-expression, the art you choose to

Why NFT Photos are Beneficial to Photographers

An NFT photo entails owning an original, authentic file. In contrast, a digital photo may fall into the wrong hands, or be altered. NFT photos are valuable investments, but there are risks associated with owning an original photo. A NFT photo can balloon in value, making it a great investment.

Historical Study of Documentary Photography Development

When we speak of documentary photography, in addition to referring to an enormous body of lens-based representations, we mean a system of concepts, practices, institutions, technologies, and modes of receptivity. The term «documentary photography» arose in the early twentieth century, but the idea emerged with the first photographs, and it

Sentient Photography: Producing Images with Smartphone Camera Applications

Thanks to the smartphone, photography has become pervasive in contemporary digital culture. Yet the smartphone’s very ‘smartness’ profoundly alters the relations of control between humans and technologies in image-production practices. Unlike dedicated cameras, smartphones use built-in sensors for small-scale positioning to ‘sense’ user’s bodily orientations and states of motion. Combined