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Historical Study of Documentary Photography Development

Black-white documentary photograph of clam seller in Mulberry Bend, New York City circa 1900-1906, Detroit Publishing Company glass negative

When we speak of documentary photography, in addition to referring to an enormous body of lens-based representations, we mean a system of concepts, practices, institutions, technologies, and modes of receptivity. The term «documentary photography» arose in the early twentieth century, but the idea emerged with the first photographs, and it was grounded in a number of formal and material properties,…

Sentient Photography: Producing Images with Smartphone Camera Applications

Sentient Photography: Image-Production and the Smartphone Camera

Thanks to the smartphone, photography has become pervasive in contemporary digital culture. Yet the smartphone’s very ‘smartness’ profoundly alters the relations of control between humans and technologies in image-production practices. Unlike dedicated cameras, smartphones use built-in sensors for small-scale positioning to ‘sense’ user’s bodily orientations and states of motion. Combined with photographic applications, this ‘sentience’ enables devices to direct user…

Digital Photography: Personal Communication, Identity and Memory

Digital Photography: Personal Communication, Identity and Memory

Taking photographs seems no longer primarily an act of memory intended to safeguard family’s pictorial heritage, but is increasingly becoming a tool for an individual’s identity formation and communication. Digital cameras, cameraphones, photoblogs and other multipurpose devices seem to promote the use of images a the preferred idiom of a new generation of users. This article’s aim is to explore…